Application Modernization Services We Provide

Maximizing value from existing applications is one of the best ways to stay competitive and in-demand in today’s competitive market. Deprecated architectures, legacy UI/UX modules and complex solutions created in ASP, PHP3 etc. that are not supported by modern browsers and devices can make your business processes and transformation slower, harder and more expensive. Our application modernization services change and upgrade legacy applications making them cost effective and efficient.

Prithvi has proven and trusted experience in combining processes, capabilities, tools, modern web technologies and programming languages to turn legacy systems into assets for our clients.

Our Application modernization services include re-developing, re-designing or consolidation of legacy systems into effective, user-friendly and extensible solutions. The expected result is turning obsolete software into modern and agile applications that satisfy our client's current business needs more closely.

The main aim of any enterprise application modernization process is to help companies to create new business value from existing applications and therefore increase their revenues, competitiveness and improve market positioning. This procedure is especially significant for companies that use legacy systems with modern versions of operating systems or hardware. Moreover, using deprecated applications can be a time-consuming, resource-intensive process for every business.

Prithvi can help you move from legacy applications towards modern, user-friendly apps using Node JS, React JS, .NET Core, PHP and other technologies.

Application Modernization Services We Provide

Prithvi offers different services to help businesses get the most value from their existing legacy applications in the long term. We make the main focus on redeveloping existing apps into universal apps, re-designing front-end and UI legacy apps without disrupting the back-end and the core features. Moreover, our team implements an integrated approach that allows modifying legacy UI and extending the functionality of your apps.

  1. 1. Application migration services
  2. 2. Package implementation
  3. 3. Application re-platforming
  4. 4. Improvement of UI
  5. 5. Re-engineering

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